Hi my loves, I hope you are all well. Today I am reviewing the Bondi Sands self tanning mousse in “Dark”. I tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and wanted to give it a good road test for you so I could give you my honest opinion. I have to say I am really impressed. It is such a natural gorgeous golden bronze colour (like you have been lying on the beach for 2 weeks) which is really hard to find in a self tanner. It smells fab too.

How to apply it:

  1. I shaved my legs and exfoliated my whole body in the bath using cocoa browns tough stuff and an exfoliating glove to remove any old tan and dead skin cells. This will help your tan go on evenly and last longer.
  2. I then waited a few hours before applying my tan so that my pores were closed to ensure a smooth application on my legs. (it recommends on the bottle you shave your legs 48hrs before you apply your tan) but to be honest with the rate the hairs on my legs grow I would need to shave them again by then.
  3. I used a generous amount of tan on the new bellamianta tanning mitt. The mitt is €10.25 which at first I thought was expensive for a mitt but after using it I would have paid €20 for it. Its makes your tan flawless, streak free and effortless to apply. You can use it for any tan and is available HERE .
  4. I applied the tan all over my body starting with my legs and working my way up. I used what was left on the glove at the end for my face and on the backs of my hands.
  5. I let the first coat dry for a couple of minutes and then applied another layer leaving the back of my hands and face out this time as I didn’t want them to be too dark.
  6. Then I put my pyjamas on and got into bed.  
  7. When I woke up I got into the shower to lightly wash off the residue (using water only) and lightly patted myself dry.
  8. I then applied another very light coat (just because I like my tan dark). This is not a necessary step but I loved how it turned out.
  9. and that’s it…..


My tan lasted for about 7-10 days and faded really nicely. It didn’t go patchy like some tans can which was a really big plus for me. It’s a new favourite and it will definitely be my go to tan this summer. It’s available to buy from most good pharmacies or you can get it HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys soon.

Big love,