As a teenager starting out in the big beautiful world of all that is make-up its very easy to get swamped and overwhelmed with the amount products that are available. Do you find yourself wondering what products are for? and do you really need them? Well if you do, I’m here to help. I have made a list of my top beauty products for young skin and the best part is my list of everything you need (in my opinion) comes in under €30. WOW.

Foundation/Primer and Moisturiser.

It is very important to keep your skin at its best. Its the only skin you will ever have so its important you look after it. As soon as you get into make-up its a great time to start wearing a moisturiser the younger the better in my opinion. I would recommend using a BB cream as your foundation. BB creams also contain moisturisers. Your skin is young and beautiful and you shouldn’t clog it up with a heavy full coverage foundation. The BB cream I would recommend is the Rimmel London BB cream Radiance HERE . This BB cream contains a moisturiser so it will keep your skin moisturised all day. It also has a SPF of 20 so it will protect your young skin from any harmful UVA rays. It contains a primer so it will stay on all day, the primer will also smooth your skin and help minimise the appearance of pores. Because this BB cream is a moisturiser/primer/and foundation all rolled into one it makes it a great buy for a teenager on a budget. It also cuts down on time as you are using 3 products at once, so a great one to grab on a school morning (if you are aloud wear make-up at school) it wakens tired skin also (which is a bonus).

Eye Shadow

I have chosen a Nude eye shadow palette HERE. In my opinion a nude palette is a great buy as it can take you from a subtle day look for school to a night time look for a night out with your friends. A must have for any girls make-up bag.


My mascara of choice has to be Rimmel, I have always used Rimmel mascaras for as long as I can remember and still do today. This one I have chosen is perfect for all you teenagers that roll out of bed 5 minutes before you have to run to the bus for school. The Rimmel Wonder’full wake me up mascara HERE with its vitamins and cucumber will give your eyes that wide awake look (even if you don’t feel wide awake). The fabulous brush will coat every lash from root to tip and leave them clump free.

Blusher and Highlight

For blusher I have chosen a 2 in 1 blush and highlight from collection HERE . This is a great 2 in 1 product it comes in Strawberry and cream or Peaches and cream, I personally would choose Strawberry and cream. You have the blusher on one side to give your cheeks that youthful rosy glow, and on the other you have a highlighter to give your skin that effortless dewy finish. (See HERE for were to apply highlighters).


Last but not least I have chosen a Rimmel lip crayon HERE in the colour “Make me blush” they have 12 colours to choose from but I chose this one because its a lovely soft pink shade which is great for all seasons and occasions and it will look great paired with any make-up look.  

So that’s it for my top beauty products for teenage skin under €30. I hope you Enjoyed this post. If you have any questions you can find me over on Facebook. I will be happy to help.

Until next time.

Big Love,