It all started two years ago when Kim Kardashian posted that now famous picture of her unblended contour and we were all like “Ok I need to try this”. Since then contouring has fast become one of the biggest makeup trends there is and Iv got all you need to know.

Basically Contouring is used to sculpt the face making your cheek bones more prominent and your forehead, chin and nose smaller all with the use of make-up. Its like having surgery on your face without the price tag.

To contour you will need – A good concealer 2 shades lighter than your foundation for your highlight (my favourites are NYX HD concealer in the colour porcelain HERE and Maybelline Age rewind concealer in the colour light HERE) You will also need a dark contour colour 2 shades darker than your foundation. Your contour colour can either be a good bronzing powder or a cream. Personally I like to use a powder as my contour shade. My favourite powder is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer available HERE. In my opinion it is the perfect contour shade as it has a greyish undertone. I would recommend using a bronzer or cream contour colour with a greyish undertone rather than one with an orangy undertone because the purpose of your contour is to create shadows on your face and natural shadows aren’t “orange” they are grey. 


Apply your Moisturiser, primer and foundation as usual. Start with your bright concealer. Apply it on the middle of your forehead (between your eyebrows), down the centre of your nose, on your chin and in a triangle under your eyes. Then grab your dark contour colour cream/powder (whatever you have chosen). Apply it to your temples and on top of your forehead (around the hairline) this will make your forehead appear smaller so the further you drag it down your forehead the smaller your forehead will appear. Apply under your cheek bones. To find were your cheekbone starts place your finger on your face beside your ear and you will feel a dip this is your starting point, from there drag your brush down in a diagonal and stop just before you reach the corner of your mouth. Also apply your contour colour down the sides and under the tip of your nose. This will make your nose appear thinner and can also help disguise/smooth out lumps and bumps you may have on your nose.  Apply your contour colour on the tip of your chin to make it appear smaller and under your jaw line to make it more defined. (If your still unsure were to apply your concealer and contour colour just follow my picture. You cant go wrong.)

When you have all your products applied its time for BLENDING. When I say blending I mean blend until your arm falls off. Use a tapping motion to blend out all your concealer first using a beauty blender you can find them HERE or blank canvas have a great dupe sponge for a fraction of the price HERE. I like to use a stippling brush to blend my dark contour colour using circular motions. I use the stippling brush from my Cara Pharmacy Professional brush set these brushes are amazing and the set of 12 contains every brush you will ever need. You can find them HERE. If you just want to buy a stippling brush on its own I recommend this one HERE from blank canvas. When you are happy with your blending you can apply some bronzer on your face where you have applied your dark contour shade and set your concealer with a translucent powder. My 2 favourite translucent powders are LOreal Paris in the colour LIGHT: HERE and Rimmel London’s powder: HERE. When you have that complete run your stippling brush (using circular motions) all over your face to remove any excess powder.

And there you have it now you know the basics of contouring.

Finish off your make-up look with a smoky eye complete with winged liner and mascara. Fill your brows. Add your favourite blusher to the apples of your cheeks. Put on a lipstick for your choice. Apply your highlighter to give that natural glow to the skin (find out were to apply it HERE). Give your face a good sprits with a setting spray to keep everything in place (find my favourite HERE) and your done.



Give it a try. It takes time to perfect your technique but the more you contour the quicker you will get.

Be warned once you start contouring and see the results you wont be able to do your makeup without contouring.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even learned something new.

Big Love

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