While tanning using the sunkissed tan from Penneys/Primark. I decided to take a quick before and after shot for you all so you can see the colour. This is what it looks like when its just been applied thats why i love it so much you can just slap it on and go. This one I use is in the shade Dark and is also available in Medium. For only €3.50 its amazing you really can’t go wrong.  P.S sorry about my white leg it needs a holiday lol

I picked up this Sunkissed tan in Penneys just to try it out. I’m usually not one to mess around with different tans unless I have seen it on someone but i said id give it a go. I decided late one Saturday evening to go out that night, but I had no tan on. So looking like id been washed in a box of daz (whiter than white) I said sure il give this new tan a try if I dont like it il just hop back into the shower and scrub it off (I know what a time to try a new tan). I applied it all over my body starting with my legs (just incase) and as you can see from the picture I went out that night sunkissed and ready to party. 


  • Its a tan mousse so its weightless and very easy to apply
  • It has a tint so you know were you have applied it also allowing you to use it 5 mins before running out the door and still be fabulously bronzed
  • The smell of coconuts from this tan is amazing. No matter what tan iv used in the past or how much the bottle says fragrance free I still smell of tan but not with this one. Even hours after applying it my room just smelled like an explosion in an after sun factory.
  • It dries instantly so you do have to move fast when applying it. I could not believe how quick it dried as soon as i was finished applying it I got dressed (no more naked scarecrows walking around the room trying to dry your tan.
  • Its a beautiful sunkissed bronzed tan (like you have just been home from holidays) I did not find it orange at all.
  • This one I used is in the shade DARK and also comes in a medium shade.
  • It contains Aloe vera and glycerine to moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling super silky and smooth.
  • It will last up to 5 days and just disappears a shade lighter with each shower you take. It did NOT leave any patchiness on my skin at all when it was coming off like other tans can.
  • I cannot say enough good things about it I don’t know if I will ever go back to my usual tan again.
  • It ticks all the boxes of what a tan should be in my opinion.
    Can’t wait to get back to Penneys to get more.

Have You tried it yet?

Big Love