How to reuse your false eyelashes

When you take your lashes off after a night out all they look fit for is the bin full of lash glue and mascara but with these simple steps you can have them looking like new and ready for your next night out…

What you will need….

Grab a pair of tweezers, a piece of tissue, a few cotton buds, a baby wipe/face wipe, make remover and of course your used eyelashes…

  • Start by pulling off all the old glue from the strip of your lashes with the tweezers.
  • Place your lashes on the tissue paper, dip your cotton bud into your makeup remover and gently clean your lashes from any mascara which might be stuck on them. (Use a different cotton bud on each eyelash)
  • lastly gently clean off any excess with a clean babywipe/facewipe.
  • Place lashes back in their box and thats it your lashes are as good as new and ready for your next night on the tiles.

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