How to create a Capsule wardrobe!

So what is a capsule wardrobe?
A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few must have items of clothing and accessories that you love to wear and never go out of fashion. Each of these items can be worn in a different way to create a completely new outfit for all occasions.

Do you find yourself shouting “I have nothing to wear” at your overflowing wardrobe…. Yep we have all done it. The more clothes we have in our wardrobes the less we seem to have to wear. Fashion never sleeps it is always changing and because we follow the latest trends our clothes become out of date and no longer whats considered “in style” so we don’t wear them anymore. But there are a few key pieces that never go away that never change these pieces are “timeless” and can be worn whatever the season or trend.
My 32 must have items to have in your capsule wardrobe are…
1. White loose V neck top/t-shirt
2. Black V neck top/t-shirt
3. Denim jeans
4. Black dress
5. Blue dress
6. Black skirt
7. Cream Mac coat
8. White button down blouse
9. Powder blue blouse
10. Black jeans
11. Black and white striped top
12. Cream knit jumper
13. Denim shirt
14. Rose light knit jumper
15. Blazer in your favourite colour
16. Black blazer
17. Cardigan colour of choice
18. White dress trousers
19 Black strappy top
20. White strapoy top
21. One top in your favourite colour
22. Nude court shoes
23. Black strappy high sandles.
24. Pair of tan/black flat boots
25. Black flats
26. One of your favourite bracelets
27. One statement necklace
28. Clear Crystal Stud earrings
29. Pair of Sunglasses
30. Nude clutch bag
31. Black clutch bag
32. Main everyday handbag (mines my big nude coloured guess handbag)

For me my list includes everthing you will need to create outfits that can be worn casual, for a special occasion or for anything in between whatever the weather.
I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it helps anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut with their wardrobe and style. My advice is to keep it simple and you can never go wrong. If you have any questions please leave them below.
Big love Emer x ♡